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Hi Sony, I just want to thank you for the Showa and Kohaku. I couldn't believe how beautiful the koi is in real life. The picture didn't do any justice at all. I know these kois will bring me enjoyment for many years to come. Again, THANK YOU for all you have done for me. Looking forward to buying more koi from you next year.

Terry - Dallas


Hello Sony, I am pleased with my koi purchase from you and Saizen Nishikigoi. My wife and I are so happy to have great beautiful kois in our new pond. Thank you much for your advices and sharing your experiences  of koi care with us.
I look forward to doing business again soon.
Best regards,
Kenneth – Frisco TX


Hi Sony, It's hard to find a Japanese Koi dealer in our DFW metro. I am so lucky to find you, Saizen Koi. Your koi is so much more beautiful I cann't find them with same quality in other koi seller in DFW area. I cann't wait to come back next spring and I will refer your business to lot of my friends. Hope to see you soon.

Tuan Phan - Arlington TX


We are closed now and reopened on October 24th 2015. Sorry for your inconvenience

The purpose of this website is to provide the helpful information of Koi and to promote, create, and enlarge the hobby of keeping, appreciating, and exhibiting Koi and pond fish, as well as encouraging a greater appreciation of and interest in aquatic plants and ornamental water gardening.


We are closed now and reopened on October 24th 2015. Sorry for your inconvenience.

Creating A Paradise in Your Backyard

Japanese Koi ponds are pleasant to look at and creating one can be a very appealing hobby. It is a delightful pursuit bringing you closer to nature while giving you an immense sense of achievement as you care for and maintain your Koi Pond. The demand for Japanese Koi Pond both as a hobby and as centerpiece attractions has grown steadily and significantly over the past years for numerous reasons. You not only earn the appreciation and envy of family and friends but also experience spiritual bliss being in absolute harmony with nature. It also proves to be a great healing and stimulating hobby for your senses since planning and constructing the three dimensional Japanese Koi Pond involves piecing together colorful and fragrant elements of nature like flowers and budding blossoms and water elements to create tranquility. While designing a Water Garden, the creator attempts to reproduce a ravishing illusion of the natural world, such as mountains and rivers, with dwarf plants and bushes. You can engage yourself with a number of innovative ideas and keep transforming them into lush, vibrant realities that respond to the seasonal changes of real gardens. Japanese Koi Pond, or a miniature paradise corner as they are popularly known, are widely created not only for tastefully decorating your house but also increase your house value. The best part of designing a Japanese Koi Pond is that even people with no water gardening knowledge can satisfactorily create one. Just put your artistic skills and innovative ideas in place, transforming your creativity and ability into a flourishing and thriving miniature pond garden. Nature takes care of the rest.
Best regards,
Sony Le





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